We believe in slow, high-quality fashion.

Our timeless garments are designed and produced locally,

in the region of Lombardy, Italy,

encapsulating the world-leading Milanese values of

design and craftsmanship.  

Our fabrics are the result of hand-painted, watercolour experiments by Joanna, translated onto the finest Italian fabrics.


From experiments with watercolours to the finest Italian fabrics.

Designed in Milan, crafted in Como.

Beautifully crafted in the industry-leading area

between Milano and Como,

and designed for an elegant woman,

Joanna Lyle’s fashion collection

steps out of the seasonal fashion scheme

to display singular timeless pieces.

Exquisite printed wool, velvet, silk and cotton

in the form of blouses, shirts, palazzo trousers and

beautiful scarves all feature in the collection.

Joanna Lyle

Via Marsala, 11

20121 Milano - Italia

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